Karen Davies in "We Love New York?"

"We Love New York?"

22nd July - 14th August 2010

Preview 22nd July 6-8pm - Meet the UK artists Sharon Wilson, Helen Baker and Karen Davies at the gallery opening networking event

The selected artists for this group show are unified by common themes:

Heritage, Irony, Politics, Irreverence, Humor and “Britishness”.

The proposed exhibition sets out to explore concepts such as regional identity, culture clashes and as people of the Western world, similarities. The notional ‘American Dream’ ideal juxtaposed against a backdrop of British skepticism and dark humor is explored through the work, aiming to tackle such presuppositions about ‘otherness’ by presenting itself as a tool for common understandings as well as debate. Aiming to communicate a whole variety of cultural diasporas to audiences in New York and again when the artworks return back to the UK to British audiences, the artists selected are practitioners who are both challenging and contemporary. Academically astute, they are able to examine a variety of complex issues around heritage, politics and ‘being’ British by using their visual means. This transcendental tour- de force is a mindful collection of work by a range of artists concerned with debates around National identity, mixed up with a neurosis of both being seduced and unnerved by aspects of American culture.

With some of the artists in attendance for the opening, “We Love New York?” will also be the perfect opportunity for networking and discussing possibilities and exchanges with the UK.

Featuring Michelle Allen, Helen Baker, Virginia Bodmin, Karen Davies, Natalie Frost, Amanda J Kennington, Jock Mooney, Jane Millican, Michael Mulvihill, Ginny Reed, Helen Smith, Sharon Wilson, A & Joe Woodhouse

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