Cheryl Molnar, Suzanne Song, & Dana Levy at C24 Gallery


EFA Studio Member Artists, Cheryl Molnar, Suzanne Song, Dana Levy are featured in the exhibition “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” The exhibition is on view at the C24 Gallery from May 9th - June 29th.

Patte Loper at Mattress Factory


EFA Studio Member Artist Patte Loper is currently exhibiting her work titled “Laboratory for Other Worlds” at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh.

Andrea Burgay


Andrea Burgay released Cut Me Up, a participatory magazine of visual call and response, published through Specious Arts. Each issue presents a “call”—a curated selection of original collage images that will become raw material for reader-artists to “respond” by cutting, reconfiguring, and transforming them into new artworks.

Saya Woolfalk


In celebration of video artist Nam June Paik's birthday, Member Artist Saya Woolfalk will be giving a free lecture at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC on July 22nd from 4-6pm.

Yuken Teruya


EFA Member Artist Yuken Teruya is featured in an article by Yukiyo Zaha in The Ryukyu Shimpo (Okinawa newspaper) on July 4th, 2018.

Samira Abbassy, Elizabeth Colomba, Noel Anderson


EFA Member Artists Samira Abbassy, Elizabeth Colomba, Noel Anderson and alumni Maria Berrio have been awarded the 2018 NYFA fellowship in painting and interdisciplinary work. EFA Member Artists Keren Benbenisty and Jordan Casteel were also finalists.