Holiday Hours

The gallery will be open Wednesday, November 21 and Saturday, November 24, 12-6pm this week. We will not be open on Thanksgiving (11/22) and Black Friday (11/23). Please stop by to see our current exhibition Resonance and Repetition on view through December 22.

Wishing our EFA community a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Occupy University to present classes at EFA Project Space as part of To Have and To Owe

Occupy University is just what it sounds like - a university for everyone, run by the Occupy movement. We believe that learning should be collaborative and politically empowering. Several events will be held at EFA Project Space in conjunction with To Have and To Owe.

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The Hive: a new opportunity in collaboration with A Blade of Grass Foundation!

EFA Project Space and A Blade of Grass partner to present The Hive, an adaptive arena for artistic projects that redefine audiences and encourage symbiotic, dynamic interaction among participants.

We are currently requesting proposals for the first presentation of The Hive at EFA Project Space in 2013!

Artists today are working in a new capacity--one that challenges the definition of art itself by introducing new ways for art to become a part of everyday life.  Instead of making work in the context of exhibitions and objects for display, artists are focusing on the processes of collaboration and reciprocity with a goal of generating engagement through experiences, interactions or services. 

“The Hive” explores this new arena by inviting artists to use the gallery as a lab rather than as an exhibition venue. Selected artists and creators will explore the outer reaches of art by creatively connecting with different audiences, and creating projects that concretely engage viewers in communication and interaction.

“The Hive” is a metaphor for the interconnected world that we live in today: a hive’s structure depends on the web of relationships that sustain it.  These relationships ultimately exemplify collaboration in the working process, as many different types of people work interdependently to build a structure, start a business, and so forth.  Art can be just this interconnected. It is one element that connects with many others in order to provide an experience that is socially relevant and aesthetically profound.

For complete information on what we are looking for, and how to submit a proposal, click here.


The 2012 Residency for Arts Workers as Artists

The 2012 Residency for Arts Workers as Artists is now in full swing, and the Project Space studio is buzzing!

Here's what's new:

EFA Project Space will host an Open House and Reception on Thursday, August 30, 6:00 pm, for an intimate viewing of the residents' works in progress.

Throughout the three-week intensive portion of the program, the residents have been documenting their experiences in the communal studio space on the Arts Workers Residency Tumblr. Click to see what they have been up to! Also, be sure to check out our Resident Spotlights for interviews with the artists.

Follow @efaprojectspace on Twitter and like us on Facebook for news as the residency progresses.



Unique internship opportunity

To Have and to Owe/ Special Project Intern

EFA Project Space seeks applicants for a Special Project Internship position connected to To Have and to Owe, a dynamic, integrative cultural event series taking place in the fall of 2012.

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